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Relaxing the Self
A person is a human body-mind as a whole, an autonomous and dynamic system that arises in dependence upon human culture and the natural world.
You´re a person and im a person. Persons have histories, values, and plans. They are morally culpable and reap the consequences of what they sow. The person goes on being as long as the body is alive and the brain reasonably intact. But as we know, self related mental contents have no special neurological status and are just not part of the ongoing stream of mental activity. Whatever aspect of self that is momentarily active engages only a small fraction of the brain´s many networks.  The self is just one part of the whole person.
The self keeps changing, and the self depends on its present conditions. An apparent self has its uses. The self grows by equating itself to things. Self grows through possessiveness.

Giving, gives you the opportunity to release the self. You can give time, helpfulness, donations, restraint, patience, noncontention, and forgiveness.  Any path of service incorporates generosity.  Envy and jelousy are the major impediments of generosity. Being humble means being natural and unassuming. Not setting yourself above others.

Being good to yourself and taking care of yourself supports humility. Make sure your fundamental needs are well cared for. Empathy, praise and love are important things to feel from others. This supports confidence and worth.

Relax about what others think, and try to focus instead on just doing the best you can. You don´t need to be special to deserve love and support. Love the person you are but dont love the self or other mere mind-object.

Join the world because having connection with it will reduce the sense of self. To live, to have a metabolism, your body must be joined with the world through continuing exchanges of energy and matter. You´re brain is joined with the world, and the mind and the brain form an integrated system.
Deepen this by spending time in nature. Think bigger and wider. For example of the big network of causes that bring the food to your plate.

Everything has its place in nature and its place on the whole. We are all organisms and have the right to wish ourselves well just like any other living being. It is alright to do well according to your nature, with a human brain, going as far as you can in this life down the path of happiness, love and wisdom.

This is what happens when the self disperses: The wholehearted movement to contribute, and the wish to thrive and prosper as one human animal among six billion. To be healthy and strong and live many more years. To be caring and kind. To awaken, abiding as radiant, spacious loving consciousness. To feel protected and supported. To be happy and comfortable. Serene and fulfilled. To live in love and peace.
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