Buddha Massage Lounge

Body Massages

 Please see below for more details. Rates are non-negotiable, nor are the treatments. Reserve two hours in advanced.


- Relaxing Massage
One hour treatment where the massage therapist will cover every single part of your body mixing techniques such as shiatsu, reflexology, stretching.
1hr :                  150.000 pesos
1hr 1/2:             225.000 pesos




- Feet & Face Reflexology
Used specially to release vital energy. Works by stimulating points on your feet and face to free energy in corresponding organs, bones and glands throughout the body.
1/2 hr :                100.000 pesos



- Relaxing Lingam Massage
Hands on Body massage using a variety of techniques for a complete treatment throughout your entire body. The last 10 minutes is dedicated to your lingam or sacred spot not necessarily ending in orgasm, but relaxed breathing and eventual ejaculatory control.
1 hr :                 240.000 pesos



- Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage
Based on the hawaiian philosophy of Huna. Everything in the universe seeks harmony, love and balance. Considered to be a moving prayer to restore fluidity and balance in a person´s being with the use of continuous flowing strokes.
1 hr :                 180.000 pesos




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