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Bioenergetics & Emotions

Our Thought Processes are Directly Related to Our Health and Wellness
It is proven that our thoughts directly affect the chemicals and hormones that influence our feelings. Disease and discomfort is more often than not directly connected to being emotionally, physically and/or mentally out of balance. A BioEnergetic session uses seven specific vibrational frequencies to locate the areas in the electromagnetic field that have slowed down or are fully blocked. The process also determines the specific breathing patterns and patterns of muscle tension that have been developed as a means of keeping unconscious thoughts and feelings “trapped,” or hidden.

A Large Motivation Behind Eating Disorders
For instance, a large motivation behind eating disorders is the false feeling of control it gives the person. This intensified need for control could be rooted in unconscious thoughts and feelings that developed in reaction to trauma or abuse. As the person experienced the need to remove themself from the pain of these experiences, they also taught their body patterns of coping to keep the pain from their consciousness. These coping patterns eventually become unconscious patterns of reacting. Suppressed emotions block the flow of energy and can cause physical distress.

How Does BioEnergetic Therapy Work?
BioEnergetic therapy locates the areas of the body where these memories and feelings are being held in, and then helps the person release the muscle tension in that area and talks the person through the emotions that are released when the tension is released. This process also helps the person name the negative thought patterns that caused the initial pattern of trapping emotions and then helps them reframe their thoughts into ones that will better serve them. An added benefit is that as the blocks and tensions are cleared from the body, more energy becomes available, creating a greater sense of wellbeing and health.

Helping You Achieve Optimal Health and Wellness
It is important to note that this therapeutic process is not intended to replace traditional therapies. Rather, it is a complementary modality that enhances and supports current protocols and treatment. This therapy can also be utilized as part of an  integrated plan of care for individuals with acute and chronic illness and injury, as well as psychological issues. It is extremely beneficial for individuals who wish to achieve optimal health and wellness.

BioEnergetics helps a person become more aware of themselves physically, emotionally and mentally. To be a fully integrated person, we must be connected to our bodies. Listening to your body signals can heal the problems of the mind and body!

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